About US

We Are YCG Academy

YCG Academy Limited and its sister companies are part of Your Consultation Group. We have been assisting those in custody with their sentence planning and reintegration into society since 2015. Our work supports prisoners and prison leavers, helping them to successfully rehabilitate into their communities.

Who Are We?

We are a collaboration of educationalists, psychologists, IT specialists and professionals working to change the model for the reintegration of prison leavers to benefit everyone in society. This starts with imparting key academic, vocational and critical thinking skills.

We passionately believe that the keys to making good life choices are the opportunity to have a stake in the community and the ability to take control of one’s own finances. For those in prison, we start this process by providing highquality education, a guarantee of longterm employment and stable accommodation on release from custody.

Inclusion and opportunity are at the heart of everything we do.

Discover Your Consultation Group

Your Consultation Group (YCG) Trust is a Social Enterprise Company dedicated to changing the lives of prisoners.

Our YCG Citizen™ and Pathways™ Programmes are dedicated to re‑integrating serving prisoners and prison leavers into society so they can lead fulfilling, offence‑free lives. Our aim is to ensure every YCG Citizen™ leaves prison with a guaranteed offer of employment and accommodation on release.

I fervently believe that providing a person with the means to educate themselves is the single biggest good that you can do for them and for society.

In the context of prisons, this must be done online and there should be real incentives for prisoners to want to engage with learning. My colleagues and I have, therefore, utilised our collective specialties to design the first fully‑integrated model for the engagement, education, training, employment, and accommodation of serving prisoners and prison leavers. Every YCG Citizen™ is incentivised financially with a guaranteed offer of employment on release.

Real incentives for learning underpin every aspect of the training we provide.

Raff Esposito

Founder, Your Consultation Group