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Reaching more people in need

YCG Trust’s Philosophy is based on the use of an integrated toolkit which ensures prisoners and prison leavers have the capacity to successfully re‑integrate into society. We collaborate with our Justice Partners and stakeholders to ensure the key drivers of change are built into our work with prisoners.

As Dame Sally Coates said in her review, “20% of prisoners are looking to study at a higher level.”

A cost-effective solution

Governors and Directors are encouraged to make cost effective purchasing decisions out of their education budgets and/or from the DPS budget. Our solution is highly costeffective.

See Benefits

Establishment benefits
  • Reduce complaints, modify behaviours via positive Regime engagement and sentence planning
  • Benefits of digital platform. Data driven analysis of the YCG Citizens™ Programme
  • Improved KPIs around ROTL, employment on release, and reduced rates of reoffending
  • Proficient use of prison workshops
Citizen™ benefits
  • Incentives to upskill
  • Secure finances on release
  • Guaranteed offer of a job on release
  • Ability to secure accommodation on release
  • Ability to support family
  • Having a stake in society
Community benefits
  • Citizens™ are valued contributors to the local economy
  • Families are supported
  • Reduced resource allocation of local agencies on release
  • Reduction in crime and antisocial behaviour

White Paper Compliant

We are happy to meet with Governors and Directors at individual establishments to discuss the legislative parameters and compliance issues associated with going digital.

See Benefits

  • Officially purchased hardware
  • Properly licensed software
  • Secure connectivity
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Prisoners individually assessed per National Security Framework
  • Controlled online access via Public Services Network